Claim your work-related devices

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Claim your work-related devices

If you use your personal laptop, tablet or mobile primarily for your job, you could salary package the expense and pay for it before you get taxed.

This means you could lower your total taxable income amount, so you could pay less tax overall, and stretch your money further.

Salary packaging explained

Salary sacrificing isn’t as scary as it sounds. Because you’re not actually giving anything up, you’re gaining. That’s why we think of it as salary stretching, because we help make your pay go further.

How the tax bit works

Normally tax is taken from your salary before you spend it. You then pay all your bills and expenses and if you’re lucky, the rest might go to savings.

But with RemServ's work-related expenses benefits, your employer still pays you the same wage, but we help you stretch it further. So instead of paying for your device after you’re taxed, we can help you pay for some before.

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